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Release date:2017-07-05

Mail service address: service@logink.org

Customer Service Tel: 086-0571-87850256


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No car Carrier Monitoring System

What is the use of the provincial virtual monitoring system for the monitoring of the vehicle?

In addition to statistical analysis, the system provides enterprise qualification confirmation and evaluation and methods at the end for the industry management departments. The system provides monitoring of the authenticity of the no car carrier business through the document exception rate. Such as: the industry management department can determine a threshold based on the abnormal rate, issue business license to the pilot enterprises which can access to the system and the exception rate for a certain period of time lower than a certain value. Help management department to make a suspension, extension or adoption through the system monitoring exception rate and the amount of business.

Resource cooperation

How can logistics enterprises dock with the platform?

Users can click: http: //open.logink.org: 1180 / help / jsp / help.jsp? Recid = developer_platform_logink_auth & imgLogo = 2015, see the specific steps, if you have any questions please call 0571-87850256

Exchange access

How to operate the existing user activation? Where is the latest API documentation?

Users do not need to activate, service can be applied after auditing and enterprise certification. Specific documents can be clicked: http://open.logink.org: 1180 / index_v4.jsp download

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How does business information change? 

Users use the exchange code to log in the enterprise management center, click on the basic information to modify the contents  save it, waiting for the auditing .

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Can I use the same mobile number when registering?

In order to ensure the true validity of the registration information, you can not use the same mobile phone number to register a number of enterprises

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How to solve the problem when the system does not respond after the confirmation of service application?

Encountered this situation there are two possibilities: 1, the system failure, you can call 0571-87850256 consultation; 2, the browser problem, it is recommended to try to use IE

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The password is forgotten, how to solve the problem when the phone verification is not valid?

As the platform registration system upgrade, the old user didn’t bind the phone authentication. Uers have to dial 0571-87850256 to set password manually. Please bind your phone immediately after password resetting. 

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What is the next step after the success of the logistics exchange code registration?

After the enterprise exchange code is registered, the system will activate the code. Enterprises will need to pass the personal or enterprise real name certification if data exchange service is applied. Specific steps: users use  the exchange of code or mobile phone number to log in the system, click on the basic information maintenance, you can add the appropriate information and upload the appropriate documents, click on the submission, you can reactivate it after the auditing.


Will the latest uploads of the platform be available for viewing? 

Users can click http://www.logink.cn/col/col1200/index.html into the download center, click on the video to download

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Unbound phone number, how to do if exchange code is forgotten?

Please call 0571-87850256, inform customer service specific business name to get it  retrieved. 

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how to get back the exchange password if it is forgetten?

The enterprise can retrieve the password directly by binding the mobile phone number. Specific steps: visit www.logink.org, click "login" to enter the login interface, click "reset password", enter the exchange code, mobile phone number, verification code .

Software problem

Electronic Road SMS platform recharge but not received yet.

Please contact Jin Yi Software Company: 13306815176. There are two ways to recharge: Alipay + bank card transfer, which bank card transfer - online transfer of funds- needs to be financially reviewed by Jin Yi side; Alipay, choose the amount of recharge - open mobile payment - sweep code recharge, received immediately.

Software problem

Electronic road order reported unsuccessful?

The first step: Please confirm the business user name and business license name is the same; the second step: Please confirm the exchange password and exchange password is consistent. If you still have questions please contact Jin Yi: 13306815176

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