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Drug Transport Monitoring
Having the drug transport quality and safety supervision platform as the carrier and relying on Logink technical specifications and data exchange channel, Drug transport monitoring, can effectively connect upstream and downstream in pharmaceutical production and transportation, in order to collect related quality and safety data timely, accurately and efficiently. solve the regulatory problem such as the difficulty of state tracking, the transparency of the information and the traceability of the drug; through the collection, statistics, analysis, it can monitor the state of the transport timely, and can also compare, record, and file the carrier qualification, the temperature and humidity in the way, transport time, the receiving compliance and other key elements to strengthen drug transport control and enhance the level of industry supervision.
Dangerous Cargo Transport Monitoring
Dangerous goods transport monitoring is required by the Ministry of Transport to carry out electronic bills of lading pilot It takes Zhejiang dangerous goods industry monitoring system as the and relies onthe national logistics information platform’s exchange network and Internet sharing standards to collect dangerous goods electronic waybill information. it docks the traffic, safety supervision, environmental protection and other departments systems to get transport permits and high-speed access for comparison, realizing the dangerous goods transport closed-loop supervision.
Hazardous Waste Transportation Monitoring
Hazardous Waste Monitoring refers to the efficient sharing of hazardous waste transportation and disposalby promoting the interconnection of the environmental protection department's information management platform and the transportation department’s industry supervision platform in accordance with the cooperation requirements of the transportation and environmental protection departments, and forms an industry-regulated closed-loop Chain.
Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring
Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring is the road freight operator who has signed the transport contract with the shipper as the carrier and assumes the responsibility and obligation of the carrier by entrusting the actual carrier to complete the transport task. Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring has the characteristics of strong resource integration ability, wide brand effect and obvious network effect. It can promote the consolidation and upgrading of the freight market and promote the transformation and upgrading of the logistics and freight industry by using the Internet means and the organization mode innovation, which is of great significance for quality improvement and process efficiency.
At present, the development of Chinese Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring is still in the initial exploration stage. The regulation of permitting, operation supervision, credit management and tax collection are still to be improved. To increase the efficiency and improve the quality of transport services, the Ministry of transport issued "push on the reform pilot to speed up the development of innovative research and development of Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring" and "Notice of doing a good job on Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring Monitoring", which stated that LOGINK constructs the system of Non-Vehicle Operating Carrier Monitoring Monitoring and monitors the basic situation and operation of 283 enterprises.
Freight Real-name Monitoring
The real name system monitoring is based on the real name system and the inspection system requirements of Zhejiang freight forwarding industry. Based on the industry monitoring system of Zhejiang freight industry, relying on the national logistics information platform basic exchange network and interconnection sharing standard, the real name system monitoring collects goods Consignment of real-name bill of lading, and compare the transport permit and other regulatory data to achieve the whole tracking process of good underpinned and ensure that the source of goods can be traced back, the responsibility to check, illegal prosecution.
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