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Road Transport Interconnection
With the improvement of specialization, enterprises competition is no longer a competition between individual enterprises, it gradually shifts to the supply chain competition. To further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises themselves, information technology must be used to strengthen the link between partners and achieve the seamless information exchange between partners. The traditional information exchange methods such as mail, telephone, paper documents create large work load, have process inefficient, and make error easily.
LOGINK provides logistics solutions for domestic road transport parties, provides efficient information exchange service and standards to build road information interchange channels and maximize the benefits of shippers, car carriers, fleets, drivers, warehouses and so on. As of June 2017, manufacturing enterprises, trading enterprises and logistics enterprises, totaling 335, have been connected. The data exchange is stable and connected companies are covering multi-industry and multi-function.
Sea Interconnection
Provide logistics information solution for the international container shipping parties. Provide efficient exchange of channel services and industry information interconnection standards for the owner, freight forwarding, shipping division, fleet, warehousing and other systems to achieve the seamless docking of electronic documents so that the maritime logistics participants can make high-speed delivery and multi-clients sharing.
Aviation Interconnection
Provide solutions on logistics information for the air transport stakeholders to achieve the owner / consignee, air freight forwarding, airport cargo terminal, airline, customs, national inspection, road transport and other related information interconnection; Query the state of air logistics information and monitor the whole transport quality to achieve a single logistics enterprises in a number of industry regulatory units of circulation, fully reduce operating costs and improve service quality.
Railway Interconnection
It is committed to promote the full liberalization of public information of railway freight and the electronic transmission of business documents. It makes the information of railways, ports and highways in the transportation chain smooth, and solve the problem such as difficult tracking of railways freight information, large workload, low efficiency and so on to achieve the whole state of railway transport, business documents electronics exchange sharing.
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