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Logistics Management Software
Logistics management software standardization is Logink’s important work to promote the exchange and standard application. The platform selected a number of logistics software with higher maturity, greater market share and wide range to promote the implementation of standardized interface transformation work, so that users can directly call the platform services, and to achieve upstream and downstream data exchange. The main software types are transportation management, storage management, park management, freight forwarding management, container management, parcel delivery management, supply chain management and so on.
Financial Services Products
Financial services products refer to financing, settlement, insurance and other financial services products provided by the financial institutions which access the national logistics platform for the operation of the logistics industry, in order to effectively organize and adjust the movement of monetary funds in the field of logistics for the logistics industry.
Resource Products
Resource products is to gather a large number of logistics enterprises, vehicle sources, supply, warehousing and other information in order to provide logistics enterprises, vehicle sources, supply, highway and warehouse resource query service for the majority of logistics enterprises, production and trade enterprises and social individuals.
International Trade Products
International trade products provide import and export information integration services based on the shipping information of international and domestic ports, shipping companies, freight forwarding, container trailer, warehouses and etc.
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