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Data Service

Release date:2017-07-03

The data service mainly solves the problems of fragmented public information and demanding data query. Relying on the government and the industry's existing public logistics information resources, LOGINK will provide users with logistics information "one-stop" services by a variety of technique methods.  Users can access the relevant services through LOGINK website or data interface.

LOGINK provides four categories of data services: integrated data, resource data, credit data and tracking data. Total 23 databases are as follows:

Ⅰ. Credit Data

1. Personnel Registration Database

2. Citizen ID Database

3. Vehicle Administration Registration Database

4. Proprietor Registration Database

5. Proprietor commerce registration database

6. Judicial Information Database

7. A level logistics enterprises evaluation information

Ⅱ. Tracking Data

1. Vehicle access to logistics Park record database

2. Truck access to highway record database

3. Container ship status database

4. Container status database

5. Airport logistics status database

6. Railway Logistics Status Database

7. Customs clearance status database

8. Vehicle location information database

9. Vessel AIS database

Ⅲ. Resource Data

1. Logistics Park Basic Information Database

2. Port basic information database

3. Truck Regular Line

4. Natural condition database

5. Highway condition database

Ⅳ. Integrated data

1. Policy and regulations information database

2. Information case database

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