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Standard Service

Release date:2017-07-03

Standardization is the basic support of public transport information platform for transportation & logistics. It is the key to realize cross-regional and cross-sector logistics information exchange, guarantee the interconnection of various application systems and provide high-quality logistics information service.

After years of construction, the national platform standards achieved  from the province to the country, to the international standards upgrade. In 2014, the Ministry of Transport officially released the three industry standards (JT / T 919.1-919.3), which are compiled by platform-based data modules, road transport electronic documents and logistics station (campus) electronic documents ., Three standards filled the domestic road transport Information technology standards blank, and enhanced the transport enterprise information level. In April 2017, the Standard Working Group of Logink officially released the "Transportation Logistics Information Sharing Standard 2016 Collection" to the society, involving more than 687 data elements, 104 code sets, 68 documents, 17 Service function call interface.

During the process of standardization construction, platform constantly improve and refine the standard based on the actual needs of the market and the actual needs of enterprises.  The formation of the standard has been recognized by the market and widely used, achieving the requirements that standards come from the market, apply to the market and serve for the market.

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